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Real Estate Upprisal

What we offer

  • The Legal Profession

    We can assist the legal profession with effective litigation support, appraisal review and act as expert witness in court.

  • The Development Sector

    We can assist during all stages of development including pre and post development valuations, and feasibility and land use studies.

  • Corporations

    Our valuation reports can assist you in your financial reporting requirements, financing and asset management programs.

  • Public Authorities

    We can provide valuations and reports that will assist in the administration of public real estate assets.

  • Private Institutions

    We can provide valuation reports that will assist in insurance damage claims, acquisition or disposition strategies.

  • The Residential Market

    We can provide quick and effective appraisals to confirm lending levels, insurance requirements or to support buy/sell decisions.

  • Agricultural & Rural Community

    We have extensive experience in preparing valuations for farms, large corporate agricultural properties and rural residences for financing, development,rezoning or buy/sell decisions.